Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Wonderful British Immigration

My second visit to Taiwan in july this year was an unexpected one, my friend Selina was due to come over to the UK for 3 months in june but due to our ever vigilant immigration service her visit never happened. Taiwan Nationals are allowed to visit the UK for up to 6 months without a visa as they are considered to be a low migration risk so we thought we would take advantage of this. Let me say this now im not a dishonest person i didnt want to break any rules, i didnt want any problems arising for the future, but looking back at what happened at Humberside Airport on june 9 i wished i had lied and told them a load of bull, maybe because Humberside is not a busy airport, maybe because the immigration officers there have nothing better to do i dont know, but they subjected Selina to a 2 hour interrogation without an interpreter. Her english is ok but nowhere near good enough to get through an intense interrogation without getting confused and unsure of what to say. They came through to see me 3 times to ask me various questions, they said she lied twice, they believed she had a job here and they didnt believe she was going back even though she had a return ticket, apparently in their eyes anybody can pay an extra £200 for a return ticket but have no intention to use it, the truth was she had come to visit me and stay at my house and we were going to look around for a job for her but if we didnt find one it was no big deal she had to go back to Taiwan anyway because she would need to apply for a work permit in her own country before she could come back to the UK. It was an idea that went horribly wrong and its cost us both a fair amount of money in the short term. Maybe we were just naive thinking that honesty was the best policy but in hindsight we should have just lied. Theres alot more to it which i wont go into now but it just makes me laugh at our wonderful immigration service who have let countless thousands of illegals into our country they have no record of people leaving the country and for me they target the wrong people, why give the Taiwanese 6 months in the first place??? Selina had already been here once before albeit only for a short time yet they didnt seem to even know that, i just said why dont you look at her bloody passport and see the stamps.  Anyway the upshot of all that was i went back to Taiwan on July 9 for 11 nights nowhere long enough but it was a hastily arranged visit and in my next posts ill tell you all about it.

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