Monday, 12 September 2011

More from the Sun Moon Lake

If you ever visit Taiwan you must make the Sun Moon Lake part of your itinery its an absolutely beautiful place so peaceful and relaxing its much less humid and the air is cooler. There are many footpaths around the edge of the lake and in the summer the noise from the crickets is defeaning ive never heard a sound like it, i managed to take a snippet of video as we were walking through the trees which i will post. The lake itself is shaped like the sun and a crescent moon hence its name and the water is a blue green colour. We took our free boat ride across to the village of Shuelli where you can take the cable car up the mountain, if you dont like heights dont go on the cable car but i thought it was brilliant ive got lots of footage of the cable car ride but its on Selina's phone in Taiwan when im back over there next month ill post some more photos.  On the tuesday evening we walked to the other village called Shuewze and had a meal in the local restaurant where you can eat such delicasies like stewed pork intestine, wild boar steaks and taiwanese wild chicken, i had the chicken and it was absolutely delicious, much better than the night before when we ate in the hotel using up our dinner voucher, the meal was a mixture of chinese and japanese dishes i have to say i didnt particularly enjoy. However the breakfasts were really nice you could choose between a traditional chinese breakfast and western style buffet, plenty of toast bacon hot dog type sausages, boiled eggs, cheese, scrambled egg and even chips one morning. If you are a drinker you may not like this hotel as there was no bar, that didnt bother me as im not a typical beer swilling Brit but if you wanted a drink you could get a beer at the 7-11 in the village. I will certainly be returning to the Sun Moon lake scenic area at some time in the future i felt we should have stayed there longer and if you like fishing you can sit there all day to your hearts content like some locals did we saw day and night.

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