Saturday, 10 September 2011

Off to Taiwan again

July 9 2011 i set off again to Taiwan from my local airport Humberside.  I was stood waiting at the check in desk when this guy tapped me on the shoulder and informed me i was the subject of a random security check and wanted to check the contents of my suitcase, absolutely splendid after the disappointment of Selina being sent back a month earlier my first thoughts were "have they been waiting for me", anyway i hoped they were disappointed that they found nothing untoward in my case, i preceeded to the departure lounge to wait. The route this time was Humberside to Amsterdam to Hong Kong to Taipei with KLM and Cathay Pacific last year i did Humberside to Amsterdam to Bangkok to Taipei, all i had to do was pick up my boarding pass at Hong Kong for the last leg of the journey. It was the first time i had travelled with multiple airlines so unless the airlines are linked together you dont get your boarding passes all the way through, i made sure my bag was checked all the way through to Taipei which saved me some unnecessary stress at Hong Kong. I have to say the organisation at Hong Kong was absolutely first class, when i arrived and walked to the concourse i noticed my name up on a board with the check in desk number i had to report to, that took all the sting out of wondering where to go, i collected my boarding pass found my gate and waited. The airport at Hong Kong was superb i certainly would have no hesitation connecting here again.  I arrived in Taipei around 1730pm local time whizzed through immigration collected my bag and met Selina who had just arrived, i was back in Taiwan, we were going to get the bus to Zhongli but there was an hour wait so a taxi it was 600TWD about £12 and just over half an hour later we arrived at her new apartment.

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