Monday, 12 September 2011

Sun Moon Lake

We didnt do much on the sunday just had a look around Zhongli, Selina's new home,she had moved from Nankan to here after the disaster at Humberside Airport a month earlier. On the monday morning we set out to Taichung City en route to the Sun Moon Lake. The journey by bus took 2 hours to Taichung which apparently is Taiwan's second largest city. The heavens opened as we arrived and we had time for lunch before getting the next bus to the lake. All the buses seemed to stop directly opposite the railway station and the Nantou Tour buses go from the same stop so that made life simpler. The next leg of the journey takes around 90 mins with a stop at Taichung HRT from there we made our way to the mountains through a series of tunnels then onto the lake, the bus stop was directly opposite the hotel but we had to shelter there a few minutes as it was absolutely bucketing it down. We were staying at the Miracolo View Hotel Selina had decided we deserved a couple of nights of luxury and booked us a top class hotel, we were right on the lake edge and the views when it wasnt raining were magnificent. Our room was very spacious with a bar, tea and coffee making facilities,cable tv, wifi, a shower and jacuzzi. The 2 nights cost us 9000TWD   which included breakfast a dinner voucher for one night a free boat ride across the lake , free bus travel around the lake, free hire of cycles which never got round to using because the weather was too bad in the afternoons and a free ride on a cable car which i really liked but Selina wasnt too keen on haha.                                                                                                                                                           

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