Thursday, 15 September 2011

Danshui and Shilin 2011

The weather did not improve much after the trip to the Sun moon lake everyday was much the same, bright and sunny in the morning then torrential downpours and thunderstorms in the afternoon, most of our plans were spoilt by the weather so we tended not to venture too far. Near to the end of my stay we decided to revisit a couple of places i particularly enjoyed on my first trip namely Danshui and the Shilin night market, it was still raining but not as much as previous days, the MRT was packed full of daytrippers all heading to Danshui or so it seemed taking advantage of a slight break in the weather. Danshui is always a popular destination its a really pleasant walk along the front and so much reminds me of seaside resorts back home. Selina wanted some special cookies she can only buy there from one particular stall it took a while to find but eventually we did and she was happy. After a coffee and ice cream we headed back toward the city stopping off at Shilin for the night narket. I wanted to eat some more of that famous fried chicken and we had arrived there early enough before the long queues had started to form. We wandered around the market for an hour before it got too busy as we still had to get the train back to Zhongli.

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