Sunday, 1 July 2012

Yangming Park

Selina had the weekend off so we decided to take a trip to Yangming Park situated in the hills above Taipei, in fact its only a 45 minute bus ride from Taipei main Station, you can get the 260 bus from the civic boulevard right outside the station for 30 dollars which is about 65p. Public transport in Taiwan is so cheap and is not profit driven like in the UK, it always amazes me how little it costs to get about, we have just travelled about 30 miles for £2.50 including the train ticket from Zhongli, it says alot for a government run system dont you think?   Anyway back to Yangming Park which is FREE to enter which basically consists of a number of trails through wooded glades and ornamental gardens, i was struggling a bit because i had strained some tendons in my knee whilst jogging earlier in the week, apparently the best time to visit the park is in the spring thats when all the flowers are out in full bloom. If you dont fancy walking all the way round there are little mini buses to catch to take take you to various points of interest. I preferred to linp around you get the feeling that this is a place to come and relax, have a sit down in the shade, listen to the crickets singing, i saw chinese families sat playing Mahjong and picnicing on the benches, there were these tame parrot like birds that seemed to enjoy the attention of being photographed.  It was really hot and Selina had dampened a towel in one of the freshwater streams and put it on my head, it was just bliss to feel cool for a few minutes, in all my trips to Taiwan this had to be the hottest day.

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