Sunday, 17 June 2012

A New Beginning

I arrived at Taoyuan International Airport at 830pm on saturday june 16, i breezed through immigration and baggsge reclaim, met Selina and got a taxi back to Zhongli, we were in her apartment around 930pm. This trip to Taiwan would be my last from the UK for a while, this time i was staying and not going back, so a new chapter of my life begins from here. Our first task is too find a new apartment, this one is just too small now everytime i come here Selina has added more and more things, her daughter stays over 4 nights a week and with me here we wont be able to swing a cat, so the hunt is on to find somewhere big enough and cheap enough and near to where we want to be, we will have to consider visitors staying over from the UK so we might need 3 bedrooms, we definetely need a kitchen thats well equipped as this will be the hub of our future business and i like the idea of a balcony where we can sit out providing we dont get plagued by mosquitos, so thats our first job one thing by one thing, hopefully this week we can find something.

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