Wednesday, 19 June 2013

One year on......

Ive now been in Taiwan for a year all in all things have gone ok, the biggest disappointment being our breakfast shop business which never really got off the ground, sometimes I wish I could turn the clock back, pick a different area to open a business in etc but instead of dwelling on negatives ill take the experience and lessons ive learned and try to be positive about the future. One thing for certain im not opening up another food business here for a while if at all, tradition is strong in Taiwan, money not in abundant supply and reluctance to change prominent, theres plenty that's willing to try once or twice but im afraid that's not enough in the long run. Its been a good experience though, ive learned a few things, the mentality really is different here some of it blows your mind and some when you think about it is actually very logical and clever. I do like Taiwan though and ive no intention to go back because of one relative failure, I like the life here its much more relaxed than back home, I love the easily dismissive attitude towards rules and regulations, if you have a bit of money you can really enjoy Taiwan, theres loads to see and ive only managed to get as far south as Chaiyi as yet and until ive been everywhere over the island I wont feel satisfied .                                                                                                                                       

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