Thursday, 9 January 2014


Im spending more and more time now in the south, my wife Selina is having to take care of her parents in Chiayi, so at the moment im commuting between Zhongli and Chiayi every week.At the moment ive got 2 teaching jobs in the north so for the time being we will have to keep our apartment up there. Ive also got a job teaching online which gives me the flexibility of doing the job from anywhere. It is looking increasingly likely that this is the first step to a permanent move down to Chiayi. I quite like Chiayi its a sprawling place but seems pretty quiet, the traffic is definetely not as hectic here. If i do move i will miss Zhongli in some respects. The weather down in the south is alot warmer in the winter ive noticed, the sun seems to shine most days that for me is definetely an attraction. The other day we went to Tainan to meet Selina.s eldest sister. It was my first visit and i was impressed with the City. Theres alot more history about it compared to other cities in Taiwan. I particularly liked the Anping District and the old fort. I was made very welcome by her sister and i think i made a particular impression on her 2 daughters, i noticed the confidence growing in them to speak more English and i made every effort to talk to them in Chinese and some Taiwanese which im learning as it seems to be the most common language spoken in the south. I hope we get the chance to visit again soon.

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