Sunday, 29 January 2012

Chinese New year In Taiwan

Just 9 weeks later and im back in Taiwan this time for the Chinese New year, i just wanted to see what it was all about, Selina had 9 days vacation so it was a perfect chance to come back to my second home, i was also glad to get away from the English winter, although the weather here has been a bit dull at times and a little cool it beats getting up to cold frosty mornings, biting winds and whatever else is thrown at us. I arrived on the wednesday night Jan 18 five days before New Years Day, Selina still had to work on the thursday and friday but that was no problem to me im used to that gives me time to write some blogs etc, we had been invited to her second sisters house in Taichung on the sunday, her younger sister would be there also. I was happy for the chance to enjoy the New year with some of her family maybe also a little nervous, but there was no reason to feel like that because they were absolutely wonderful, i was made so welcome, Selina's brother in law is a Malaysian and although he had forgotten alot he had a reasonable knowledge of English so we sat and had a few beers and enjoyed a few cigarettes on his balcony, he talked more and more as he got drunk and got a little homesick for his country he left 28 years ago, but he was a really nice man and he made every effort to make me feel at ease.  The next day Selina's younger sister arrived with her son she was a lovely person always laughing and happy i got on with her pretty well she didnt speak alot of english but you could have a laugh with her, after a coffee i went to the temple with the 3 sisters to bring in the New Year and make a wish for good luck,  the younger sister gave me some insense sticks which we had to light and in various places around the temple, introduce yourself to the god make a wish and then place one the sticks into the receptacle, we did this about 8 times before leaving the temple, then we burned a paper parcel in the incinerator i guess as an offering to the god and then enjoyed a bowl of free soup in front of the temple. After that we went to this rather posh country club home of Taichung Golf Club as they were having like an open day had a bit of lunch took a few pics and a walk around, then it was back home for a lovely dinner a few more drinks and a game of Mahjong which i have absolutely no idea of playing, but my hosts were up to 1:30am playing for a few dollars as they do every New year.

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