Thursday, 27 October 2011

Hualien and Taroko

I spent the sunday and the monday just chilling out around Zhongli, Selina was working on the monday so around lunchtime  i nipped down to her breakfast shop to see her at work, i met the couple who ran the business they seemed very nice and friendly and i got a free lunch, i also met Selina's daughter Peggy for the first time in the evening when we went out for dinner at the local steakhouse.                                     On the tuesday morning we set out for Hualien, we had a booked a night in a homestay in Hualien on the tuesday night before heading up to Taroko on wednesday, after a long train journey nearly 5 hours we arrived mid afternoon, my first impression of Hualien was that it resembled a ghost town especially around the railway station, nobody was about hardly any traffic or scooters. Hualien seemed like a much more laid back city where the pace of life was alot slower, we found the homestay a basic little place near the river bank and had a wander around for an hour or two stopping off for a coffee and a muffin. After a night of being bitten alive by mosquitos even sleeping next to a mosquito zapper we set off early for Taroko catching the 730am bus which took an hour to get to Taroko, we dropped our bag at the hotel and checked in later, i think we were the only guests i couldnt see anybody else around. The hotel was on the main road about 500 yards from the Taroko entrance gate and a 10 minute walk from the visitor centre, it overlooked the Liwu River a pleasant place with pleasant helpful staff, the bus stop was right outside the hotel so an hour after arriving we caught the bus to Tiansiang about 20km up the gorge.

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